Biodynamics, our way of life.

Our Pyramid Valley vineyard and founding wines were established with biodynamics at the core. We believe this allows our vineyards to express themselves, giving a voice to their soils, season, place and time.

We consider wine’s capacity for evoking a specific site an obligation, as much as a gift. Every gesture we make, in the vineyard and winery, is a summons to the spirit of place. Biodynamics, hand-based viticulture and natural winemaking are the ways we let our wines express their origins.

The grandfather of biodynamics, Rudolph Steiner, created a farming philosophy centred on the lunar calendar and a range of organic additives and composts used to feed the soil and enhance a plant’s natural rhythms. We follow these ideas in our vineyards, nurturing the fruit to a place of balance and harmony.

By using biodynamic composts and preparations the quality of the soils in our vineyards have improved dramatically over the years. Difficult weeds disappeared and were replaced by new, soft and beneficial weeds. Through biodynamic philosophies, we’ve learned to understand what our soils need, and how to observe and guide our vineyards, so that the plants and environment follow their innate rhythms and flourish naturally.

The lunar calendar is central to biodynamics and informs our winemaking. It guides us to the optimal times to harvest, to press, to ferment and bottle. The guiding principles of biodynamics allow us to be more in tune with our wines as we nurture them towards balance and harmony, and as they express their site and season.