Botanical Collection

Our four signature Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines

Appellation Series

Wines from select vineyards away from home.

The Botanicals Collection represents the pinnacle of our achievements at Pyramid Valley.

 Their story is rooted in the foundations of our Waikari Estate in North Canterbury. The initial plantings were arranged by Mike and Claudia Weersing according to specific minute changes in soil composition between the unique limestone and clay particles. These changes reflected their decision to plant either Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Interestingly the meadow growing in each parcel was also different, with different species of meadow plants being present. These parcels have been named according to the dominant botanicals in the meadow from their beginnings as a vineyard in 2002, and have been vinted as highly individual wines since 2006. Each wine is named after the common colloquial name of the meadow plant and each wears a wonderful piece of Patricia Curtin botanical art reflecting this plant. Since their release in 2006 they have created a new dimension for fine New Zealand wine, illustrating the incredible impact of this remarkable vineyard on the sense of wine. They are wines that truly breathe of their place. They are rare, expensive and collectible.

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