Pyramid Valley Helicopter Shot

"You may think you know New Zealand wines
but I can assure you that until you have tasted Pyramid Valley, you have no idea"
Lisa Perrotti-Brown


Pyramid Valley Vinewards

"If New Zealand has created a finer Pinot Noir than these two single-vineyard wines from Pyramid Valley Vineyards, I haven't tasted it". Matt Kramer.


Pyramid Valley View and Dogs Sid and NinaPYRAMID VALLEY

Allowing vineyard sites to speak with their own voices, expressing their soils, season, place and time. Winemaking: Natural: Unfined, unfiltered, with as little intervention as possible.


Pyramid Valley Vineyards

Clay limestone soils, established biodynamically from inception, 12,000 vines per hectare (4,858 vines per acre) all on own roots (ungrafted).

The Vineyard

Pyramid Vally Wines

Pyramid Valley Vineyards is a place we love to share. It was Mike and Claudia's dream to know as many of our supporters as possible. We are privileged to share this place with all our friends around the world. We welcome you and look forward to showing you our home. We thank you for giving us your time to share the voice of Pyramid Valley. THANK YOU


Open by appointment only, Thursdays , Fridays and Saturday 10am - 4pm