The energy of street art arrives at Pyramid Valley

It was the Cranmer Cantina, a pop-up fundraising restaurant in Christchurch that Pyramid Valley Vineyards has been involved with since 2012, that sparked the connection with two of that city’s respected street artists whose work is now adorning a new winery just completed in North Canterbury.
Artists Morpork and Yikes have created an eight metre by four metre artwork on the inside back wall of Pyramid Valley’s new winery just completed.
Owner Claudia and Mike Weersing wanted to support the talent of street artists of Christchurch and invited them to visit the vineyard to commission a bespoke artwork.

“I wanted them to show their expression of Pyramid Valley and what they felt while they were here,” says Mrs Weersing. “The art was to be totally representative of their emotions when walking the property and their subsequent creativity. “The art took four days to complete. It is a very emotional piece for me and it embraces everything about what we do here at Pyramid and the gifts of life we enjoy living in the country.”

Morpork painting at Pyramid ValleyIt was the grand opening of Oi You Rise when Claudia Weersing, who was instrumental in forming Cranmer Cantina to raise funds for various Christchurch charities, met street artist, Morpork. “That moment was very special for me, I immediately connected with Morpork and had a guided tour through some of the work he and Yikes had been doing,” says Mrs Weersing.

“It was obvious to me that these artists needed the support of the community to allow for their true expression of what it is like living in a post earthquake city. We have been most fortunate to see the evolution of street art across our city today; it has taken sad empty sites and given them life again.”

Morpork and Yikes visited the vineyard while the winery was under construction and together walked the property to get a sense of the style that is unique to Pyramid Valley, and developed their work that depicts the philosophies, flora and fauna of the property.

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Alternative Orange Wine by

Exciting Alternatives

There’s more to wine than simply white and red, or indeed the sauvignon blanc and pinot noir that dominate New Zealand’s vineyards. In this section, I’ve explored lesser known whites, a rose and a rare “orange” wine.

Pyramid Valley Vineyards Growers Collection Kerner Estate Vineyard Marlborough Pinot Blanc/Pinot Gris 2012 $32
This intriguing amber-coloured wine derives its hue from the grapes being fermented with their skins, rather than having them removed before they can impart much colour or texture, as is the way with most whites. If you’ve never tried a so-called “orange wine” before, you may be surprised by its firm structure, which is more akin to that of a red. It’s flavours, too, are unconventional, blending notes of fresh hay, honey, cardamom and chrysanthemum with apricot fruit and a soy-like savoury undertone. A must for the adventurous wine explorer.

Stockists: Great Little Vineyards and Pyramid Valley Vineyards

Published: The New Zealand Herald – viva
April 24 2014

Pyramid Valley Biodynamic Wind Growing

NZ Vineyard Earns Demeter Certification

NZ Vineyard Farmed Biodynamically From Inception Earns Demeter Certification

Pyramid Valley Vineyards in North Canterbury was the first vineyard in New Zealand and one of only a few in the world, to be established from the outset under the most stringent biodynamic principles, and now 10 years later, it has earned Demeter certification.

“Most producers establish their vineyards conventionally and then convert to organics and biodynamics over time due to the difficulty in vine establishment and the cost to do this biodynamically,” says Caine Thompson, Pyramid Valley Vineyards managing director.

“Consequently, Pyramid Valley is one of the world’s unique vineyards, where no systemic chemicals have ever been used.”

In a quest to link this feat into the wine world market, Pyramid Valley Vineyards has achieved Demeter certification for biodynamic farming for wine grape production.

The North Canterbury vineyard becomes one of few Kiwi producers to be Demeter accredited and joins such peers as Felton Road, Seresin, Millton and Quartz Reef.

“We’re finding that customers are starting to ask for certification. There is a huge awareness now that there never used to be, so it was a logical step,” says Thompson.

Demeter is the world’s leading biodynamic certifier and maintains strict protocol for ensuring all rules and regulations are diligently followed.

“This makes it one of the toughest accreditations in the world of wine to achieve,” says Thompson.

Biodynamics precedes modern organics and was first introduced in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, through a series of lectures on agriculture. He saw the effect modern agriculture was having on soil health and advocated for the use of certain preparations and techniques and their interactions so these could work in harmony to improve soil health and revive the land.

Having managed organic vineyards around New Zealand, Thompson believes biodynamic farming provides an additional level of energy that can’t be seen, sensed or felt in conventional or organic vineyards. “There is no doubt in my mind that this energy and purity is converted from soil to the grape and finally into the bottle.”

Mike and Claudia Weersing established Pyramid Valley in 2000, and based on experience in Europe, felt there was no other way to grow grapes other than biodynamically.

“It just made sense in my mind, and from what I saw in the great vineyards of Burgundy and Alsace, to farm biodynamically as soon as possible, without compromise,” says Weersing.

“We’re super committed to producing wine with as little as possible artificial input. Our wines are therefore unfined, unfiltered with little or no sulphur ever added, with zero chemical residues, which makes Pyramid Valley one of the world’s most purist wine producers.

“For me it’s just about letting a place speak to the best of its ability. If certification assists with allowing that voice to speak through to our customers, then so be it,” says Weersing.

To celebrate, Pyramid Valley will offer, for a limited time, free shipping from its website on all six-bottle orders or more, anywhere in New Zealand.


Demeter NZ Award Pyramid Valley Wines     Demeter_cobrand_transp_white_small


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New Zealand winery trades in Bitcoin

New Zealand winery first in southern hemisphere to trade with bitcoin

A small high-end winery in North Canterbury is set to become the first wine business in the southern hemisphere to accept bitcoin payment to make transactions easier for its strong domestic and international customer base.

Pyramid Valley Vineyards produces collectable wines in New Zealand and sees the new currency as a development in line with its innovative approach to business.

Trade Bitcoin for Pyramid Valley Wines“It’s exciting times we live in and bitcoin is a movement that is gaining huge international traction as a currency that is borderless,” says Caine Thompson, managing director of Pyramid Valley. “We’re increasingly getting requests from our international customers to be able to pay with bitcoin, particularly for our exclusive Home Collection wines. They don’t want to be worried about exchange rates and costly transaction fees.”

Bitcoin is growing in demand and popularity as an alternative currency, and Thompson says his company has “positioned itself on freedom and ‘outside of the square’ winemaking and thinking that’s often referred to as disruptive innovation in other industries.

“Bitcoin is a logical fit that we need to be a part of. As a company that is increasing our customer base around the world, it makes sense to accept payment in bitcoin especially when we sell our wines across the globe direct through our website. From Thursday 28 November, Pyramid Valley will be accepting bitcoin on selected products through its website and making it possible for cellar door customers to pay this way by using their cellphone (Colwey Pinot Noir 2010, Home Collection Wooden box gift pack).

Pyramid Valley joins a growing number of companies embracing bitcoin transactions. Some of the recent converts include Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Walmart through e-gifter and online e-commerce leader, Shopify. Uptake is growing rapidly with over 12,000 businesses and charities across the globe now accepting bitcoin as a mechanism for trade.

Pyramid Valley Vineyards was established in 2000 by Mike and Claudia Weersing and has quickly become one of the country’s leading and most provocative wine producers.

“We continually challenge the status quo, push boundaries and the current paradigm. When this disruptive innovation is at the core of your culture, it makes for one incredibly exciting company with freedom,” says Thompson.